Stellar Customer service, tailored to fit your specific business

The first impression
is the only impression.

Your 24/7
Virtual Receptionist

Our OmniCall Receptionists
can act the same as your
in-house receptionist but for
a fraction of the cost.

Already have
a secretary?

We’re here to help! We can handle the phones when they’re out for lunch, on vacation, or gone for the day.

Your clients really do call after-hours

Instead of your callers reaching an impersonal voicemail, what if they reach a live, friendly human being? Trust us, it makes a difference.

Continuous Training Means Your Callers Will Never Know the Difference.

Our Receptionists are trained daily to ensure that they know your account and business. We want to sound as if we are sitting in the office with you.

All-Inclusive Features

We encourage you to take advantage of our free, all-inclusive features to maximize efficiency and keep within your budget.

Connect Calls

Live call answering also means live call connecting! Our virtual receptionists can connect you with your callers live, no matter your location.

Text & Email

Eliminate the hassle by having your messages texted or emailed to you. Messages are in an easy-to-read format that allows you to return the call by simply tapping the number on your screen.

Recorded Messages

Every inbound and outbound call for your account will be recorded and accessible via our web dashboard or by calling our tollfree check-in line.

Web Portal

Our dashboard is loaded with tools to make monitoring your account simple and easy. You have total control of your account, from your on-call schedules, to your messages, to your company information.

Call Blocking

Solicitors and wrong numbers can be such a waste of time. Provide us with the numbers you wish to block and we will program them in our system.

Monthly Billing

We provide a balanced method of billing that only charges for the time our receptionists are working for you. We bill on a monthly basis, not 28-Day Cycle that charges you for one extra bill per year.

Call Screening

Your OmniCall Receptionist will announce who is calling and ask if you would like to speak with them or have us take a message.

Appointment Scheduling

If scheduling program is provided, we can schedule your appointments for no additional charge. (Program must be approved.) We can also provide our scheduling program for an additional fee.

24/7 Support

Our receptionists are available to answer for your business day and night. Your Client Relations Representative will be your go-to for any questions related to your account.

OmniCall Billing Benefits

Per Minute

We know time is
money – Which is why
we only charge for the
time our Receptionists
are on your account
or taking calls.

No Extra Charges

We believe the extras
should be included, which
is why your invoice will
come with one line item –
the amount of minutes
used each month.

Monthly Billing

Other services bill on a
28-day cycle, resulting
in 13 bills per year. We
bill once a month – One
less invoice every year!

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