Virtual Receptionist & Live Call Answering
for Insurance Companies

Let OmniCall Help Reduce
Your Stress

Having a team of highly qualified virtual receptionists by your side will make the lives of both you and your customers much less stressful. The likelihood of retaining loyalty among your customers increases when there’s someone on the line who can answer all their questions and concerns.

Improve Your Customer Relationships
with OmniCall Receptionist

Appointment Scheduling Completed Within Minutes

When your clients need to schedule an appointment, they will speak to a “live” receptionist who understands how to use various scheduling tools and programs.

24/7 Access To A "Live" Receptionist

Appointment Scheduling Based On Your Availability

Notifications On Changes & Cancellations

Knowledge & Understanding
Of The Insurance Industry

Insurance professionals must talk with customers in a way relevant to the industry. Much of the challenge with acquiring new clients comes from the ability of the customer service representative to sell a life insurance plan or an auto insurance plan, and we take great care to understand everything. Technical lingo is not a problem either, and we’ll thoroughly take note of the customer’s background including name, address, and phone number and then follow up with fax or email, adding to your lead generation efforts.

Why OmniCall Receptionist?

Efficient Information Capturing

Our virtual receptionists will carefully listen to each caller's questions and answer them while listening to your instructions and following privacy laws.

No More Missed Calls

We believe it's important for a caller to always have access to a live person who can help them out. Bilingual virtual receptionists are also available for clients who may not readily understand English.

Thorough Phone Screening Practices

You never have to worry about your callers connecting with the wrong people at your financial firm. By relying on OmniCall for phone screening, clients will have the pleasure of speaking to kind, patient people who stay calm in any situation imaginable.

Automatic Voicemail and Message Record Keeping

You will able to see every detail of the phone conversations and what was discussed. Keeping track of these calls has never been easier!

What Are You Waiting For?
Start Growing Your Business Now!

If you want the most affordable, high-quality live call answering plans, then we’re the right virtual receptionist for you.