How Can OmniCall Receptionists Benefit Pet Grooming Businesses?

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Why would a Pet Grooming business need a live Receptionist Service? We can think of several reasons! For one, if you're in the Pet Grooming business, how do you answer a call when you've got your hands full scrubbing down a prissy pooch? You CAN keep from missing that call, and here's how.

What is OmniCall?

Think of OmniCall as your very own team of super friendly, professional receptionists ready to answer the calls for your Pet Grooming business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From our studio in Georgia, we can answer your calls, transfer them to you, or take down a message and text it straight to you – you never miss a beat while your furry clientele are primped and polished.


Why Would I Need OmniCall?

Our OmniCall Receptionists can benefit you and your staff in many ways. If you already have a receptionist, we can take roll over calls during lunch breaks, sick days, etc. Not to mention, we're 24/7 – How many calls are you missing after you leave the office everyday? With our live receptionist service, you will never miss another call. Did we mention we can also schedule appointments? The options are endless!


Virtual Receptionist Dog Pet Grooming, telephone receptionist puppy, live call answering service dogHow Does It Work?

It's quite simple – We can provide you with an 800-number or a local one and you then forward your phone lines to us whenever you need us to answer your calls. When a call comes in for your business, one of our delightful receptionists will answer using the script you fill out upon sign up, and we either transfer the call or take a message.


We answer for several Pet Businesses and they all rave about how invaluable the service is for their company. Our customer service is out the roof (something unheard of these days) and it doesn't hurt that we're all pet lovers! We will treat your customers the same as you – we will become an extension of your staff.
Sound like something you'd give a go? Try us free for 30 days!


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