Answering Your Own Phone is Harming Your Business; Live Receptionists Can Help

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We get it; your business is your baby. However, delegating tasks such as answering your own phones is best for everyone involved. If you are taking your own phone calls, you may be causing more harm than good. Here are a few ways it could be harmful and how to fix it:


1 Time Management.

If you’re busy answering your phones all day, how are you getting any work accomplished? Being constantly interrupted can be not only frustrating but can cause you to lose focus and become less productive.


2 Missing Calls.

What happens when a call comes in and you’re on the line with another client? Or who’s answering your calls after you leave the office for the day? You don’t want to be glued to your cell phone but missing calls means missing potential customers. You can’t afford to take this risk.


3 Appearance is Everything.

To some, calling and reaching the person in charge immediately gives the appearance of a small business. They may wonder why you don’t have a receptionist or worse, why you had the free time to answer. Having a team of live receptionists available to answer your calls gives you credibility and makes you look far more professional.


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4 Your Bottom Line.

Answering the phones yourself is wasting valuable time and money, but having another employee do so is also just as costly. Even if you were to hire an in-house receptionist to only answer the phone calls, you are killing your bottom line. A Live Receptionist Service, such as OmniCall, can provide you with 24/7 answering services for a fraction of the cost. You will save tons.


So what’s the solution?

Live Receptionist Services are specifically trained to be professional and customer service oriented; they will represent your company well. At OmniCall, our Receptionists are available all day, everyday to handle the calls for your business and make great impressions on your callers. Our services are completely customized to fit your needs; even if you only need a little extra help during busy hours of the day, it can make a big difference in the success of your business.


To learn more about how OmniCall can help your business succeed, watch this quick video or contact us today!



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