OmniCall Virtual Receptionists For Every Holiday

Virtual Receptionists

If you think you have to be stuck in the office or glued to your phone instead of celebrating this great nation of ours, think again! Our OmniCall Receptionists are ready and able to answer your calls all day, everyday…especially during the holidays. Celebrate this year's Independence Day without a worry, thanks to these benefits […]

How you know when it?s time to hire a Virtual Receptionist Service?

Virtual Receptionist Service

Many business owners forgo hiring a receptionist because of the high costs. Taking care of your budget is a top priority, but if you're wondering if having a receptionist should be a line item you cut, maybe it's time to evaluate whether or not your company could benefit from a Virtual Receptionist Service such as […]

Stand Out Amongst the Competition with Our Pet Answering Services

Pet Answering Services

As a pet business owner, you've endured your fair share of busy times. Whether you're in an office filled with furry patients, or you work from home, the pet industry requires undivided attention. So, how is this possible when the phone's ringing off the hook and you've got your hands full walking two playful Mastiffs? […]

How OmniCall’s Receptionist Service Can Boost Your Entrepreneurial Swag

Live Receptionist Service

Our favorite part about our Live Receptionist Service is not only being able to offer top notch customer service, but also representing our clients in a way that gives them legit entrepreneurial swag. How do we bring about this magic? So glad you asked!   Appear More Professional. In most cases, callers are not expecting […]